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Here is a list of FAQs. For any further problem, enter and submit your request below.

Q: Can I save my magazine on my server?
A: No. For the moment, you will only receive a link to your magazine, which is hosted on’s servers.

Q: Can I add changes to my magazine?
A: Yes, but on further payment.

Q: Can I customize my magazine?
A: Yes, contact us.

Q: I always get a “cannot display the page” error message.
A: Check the requirements listed in the home page. If you still have problems, contact us.

Q: The display is not clear.
A: It is important that the file you send us or upload on our server has the highest possible resolution.

Q: Why I can not find some words with the “search” button?
A: The texts which are saved as images in the pdf file are not converted to text.


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