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Live paper

Features: previous and next page button, zoom, save pdf, print page, bookmarks, page drop-down list, send a friend, search. Price: 80€ + VAT (up to a max of 100 pages), including 1 year hosting on our servers. After the first year, you can choose either to download your publication on a CD (off-line reading only) or leave it on our servers at 20€ + VAT/year. You will receive a link with the picture of your publication’s cover page that you can upload on your website.

Customized publication

To best suit your needs, we can add video and audio contents, 3D animations and other effects inside pages of your publication. This product can be both used for online reading and downloaded on CDs, DVDs and USB pens. If you are interested in a customized digital publication, contact us for an estimate.

Publication on CDs, DVDs and USB pens

It has the same features as Live Paper. Price: 60€ + VAT. It can not be used for online reading, but only saved on CDs or USB pens (which proves very useful for presentations).


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